Hi, I'm Not Dead Yet

My best friend in college and I used to leave each other voicemails every year or so that simply said, "Hi, I'm not dead yet."

I was updating passwords and things, which made me end up here. I'm not sure what to say about my journey lately other than (a) still see myself as Jewish, (b) still haven't "done everything by the book" but really I'm not that stressed about it, amd (c) massively involved in some other priorities that put this one on "slow simmer" on the back burner for a while. Dance has primarily taken over my major pursuits, but still thinking about how all this intersects with everything in my life.

But then again, I'm a Virgo with mad computer skillz and lots of record-keeping habits. So I'm not shutting this site down, just dusting a bit. Hi. *grin*

Painful Timing

Painful Timing - My reflections on Debbie Friedman z"l. I'm not certain what to say to summarize how I can feel such loss, when I wasn't raised on her music. I feel a little bit on the outside, and a little connected all at the same time. And I mourn. (read more...)

Weaving Between the Debates... As a Woman

Weaving Between the Debates... As a Woman - I read a simple blog post discussing the first woman ordained as an Orthodox Rabbi, then several articles that debated the issues, then had to spend time on Google looking up some of the vocabulary. In the end, I've concluded that (a) there's certainly a lot left for me to learn about all the different debates in general, (b) I'm definitely at home in the synagogue I attend. (read more...)

My First "I'm disappointed in you" email

So I received an interesting email.

It's not even the "I'm disappointed" you're becoming Jewish, it was a Facebook email that said "I'm disappointed in some of the public things you're saying on Facebook" email.

I'm supportive of gay rights. I'm supportive of gay marriage. I was when I was Christian. I still am now that I'm Jewish.

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Once again, I'm feeling like I need to step up my studies and wrapping up the loose ends, almost just so that I can set my Facebook Profile for "Religious Views = Jewish."

That's an odd goal, isn't it? *le sigh*